About Us

Founded in 1980

Noble Tool Corp. manufactures gauges, fixtures and special machines and provides precision cnc machining services including optical measuring and mechanical measuring. Our applications include solutions and systems for quality control, manufacturing and assembly.
Noble Tool Corp. is a privately held company located in Dayton, Ohio. Our highly trained and experienced workforce of toolmakers and machinists average over 25 years of trade experience and, on average, have worked for Noble Tool for over 13 years.
Noble Tool Corp. can leverage our detailed knowledge of literally thousands of gauges, fixtures and special machines that we have manufactured that have improved the quality and productivity of our customers’ operations. This experience will enable us to quickly provide a solution that meets your requirements and to transform your specifications into reality.
Noble Tool Corp. has a strong commitment to quality and service as evidenced by our comprehensive warranty and performance guarantees.
When you select Noble Tool to satisfy your manufacturing needs, you will see…A Measurable Difference.

Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact us with questions or concerns or for a no-hassle consultation.